Better ways to train your goalkeepers


It stands to reason that the vast majority of coaches out there, if they played the game, were field players. Statistically it should be something like 10 to 1 that you were a field player over a goalkeeper, assuming that every position is just as likely to go into coaching. Goalkeepers do tend to communicate and lead quite a lot though, so maybe a higher percentage of them goes into coaching. Our experience is that many coaches avoid teaching their goalkeepers, often because they are not comfortable with what they should be saying. Other say the issue is that they don’t have time to focus on the specialized goalkeeper training as they have to find activities that work for everyone.

We have interviewed specialist goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers at all levels of the game to give you access to answers to improve your coaching sessions. This website includes a growing collection of practice plans designed specifically for goalkeepers, as well as sessions designed to help integrate goalkeeper training into your regular team practices.

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