College Recruitment

Depending on which of the many extremes you subscribe to, college sports in the US can be anything from the pinnacle of athletic endeavor, to a cold-hearted results business. Playing sport at a high level can potentially decrease the amount of debt you will accumulate during your time in school, through scholarships and potentially even recognition for a professional career. For many players the goal of playing for a top Division 1 school has kept them going through training sessions throughout high school though, and your job is to help advise them through the process.

The Numbers Game – How many college soccer programs are there? How many kids am I competing with for a spot? What am I going to do about paying for college? How much is realistic to expect from an athletic scholarship?

The Reality of Divisions – Seattle Pacific (Division II) beats Washington University (Division I) 3-1. What do these titles really mean? What’s the difference between the Divisions? What level is best for me?

What Your Players Can Be Doing Now – Each year of high school is important for what you want to be doing in college. This section outlines the needs and expectations of a student from their freshman year of high school to their senior year.

Clearinghouse and the Necessities – More students fail to qualify to play NCAA sports because of lack of appropriate course work than for low test scores. This is one of the major steps needed for playing college soccer in the NCAA.

Recruit Yourself – It’s all about you. What can you do to highlight yourself and get noticed over anyone else? The reality is that you are just a needle in a big pile of needles. How can you become the shiniest and brightest needle to be seen?

Helpful Links – College programs, recruiting seminars, showcases and much more.