Field Session Plans

Much of the time on coaching courses is spent procrastinating about what activities to include in your practice or final field session plan. Generally people wander around seeing what other people think and in the end write something on the way to the class or spend time stressing about it. Certainly a good part of learning to coach is picking your topics and planning the time you have, but as a general rule instructors are more interested in seeing whether you can present the information to the audience. In other words, can you teach? And can you do it in a way that is both challenging and stimulating to your players?

Coaching is for the most part about taking ideas you have seen from other people and adapting them. Rarely in a career will you create an entirely new activity that no one has seen before. Despite what you might think, you didn’t invent ‘keep away’ or that terrible one with the long line of players and the coach laying the ball off before they finish on goal. Our advice is for you to embrace plagiarism. It is pretty unlikely that whoever you are copying from invented it either, and if they did they should be flattered that you think it is worthy of teaching your players. Maybe five percent of the activities on this site were actually dreamed up by the people who presented them.

With that said, this section gives you a starting point for practice plans you are likely* to see on the current coaching courses that are out there. We present plans that have been used by coaches on the same course you are on. Our advice is to look at them, understand how they fit the topic, why they make the coaching points that they do, then come up with your own plan that better fits your style. Certainly you could just copy the whole thing, but keep in mind that you are not the only person using this website and it might get awkward if you all show up with the same plan. As instructors on the courses we can tell you that the afternoons get a lot longer when you see the same games over and over!

E License Topics

D License Topics (coming soon)

Our intention here is not to help you ‘cheat’ or gain an unfair advantage. As we said, the real grading comes from the presentation… the material just gets you to the place to be graded. Our goal therefore is to help you over the hump of not knowing where to start, so you can spend your time editing, refining and advancing your plans to a point where you are better prepared for showtime.

* Things change all the time…. We can’t guarantee that your course will use exactly these plans, but there is a good chance that they will.

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