Free Time

A few years ago, the time between practices and games had to be filled by mundane chores like spending time with the family, and watching inferior coach-centric sports on television. With the invention of digital television and major league soccer, it is now possible to see all kinds of games from around the world in the comfort of your own home and local stadium. Also over the last decade, almost everyone in professional soccer and beyond has written a book about their life and dirty laundry. Here we review everything that’s available to you, to try to filter the good from the bad and the worse.

Go to Games – Every year MLS adds more teams to questionable markets. Their teams play a mixture of old school formations with often rely heavily on fitness over flare. It might sound like high school, but tickets are much more expensive and the food marginally fresher. More here! Television –  Between NBC, Fox and ESPN you now have access to several of the world’s top leagues, and Italy. If you are willing to pay the premiums you can watch from pretty much anywhere.
Books – New coaches in the English Premier League get fired on average within 1.4 years of taking on the job. With that in mind they have to work pretty fast to get the autobiography out before everyone forgets who they were. Here we recommend books to read in your free time. Magazines – Before the internet, people used to subscribe to monthly magazines to get information about the things they were interested in. Amazingly, some organizations still produce them, which are reviewed here.