Game Preparation

One of the major ways in which a player can bring the qualities of commitment, communication, concentration, control, and confidence together, is to structure time before the match. Players know how much to spend on certain activities before games, but rarely do they make best use of this time to generate momentum.

Time exists in compartments. Early on in the day, a player could use one hour compartments and focus entirely on what they want to achieve in that hour (e.g. how will be implement the 6C’s? Eating correctly? Relaxing?). Don’t think about what happens in the next compartment until you are there. 90 minutes before the game the compartments get smaller (10-15 minute each). Examples could be familiarizing with the field and conditions, remember set-play positions, talk to key link-up players, quality touches, physically preparing.

45 minutes before the compartments get smaller still, down to 1-2 minutes. Could include positive images, music, understanding the opposition, understand coach’s final words, encourage teammates, focused image.

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