Our health section tries to give an overview of a wide range of factors which can affect players and coaches on and off the field. We do not have all of the answers, but hopefully can give you the tip of the iceberg that may help when situations occur or players ask for advice. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different (and sometimes conflicting) views for some of the subjects below. Also with every new piece of research, people change their advice. We will try to keep this section as up-to-date as we can. If you have something we should add or change, let us know.

Diet – Ridiculously, as late as 1990’s player nutrition was not monitored in some of the best professional leagues. This section looks at food and drink habits that will help healthy player development and give the best preparation for games and tournaments.

Sleep – Nearly every week fatigue is used as an excuse by a manager in a post-game television interview. Often lack of sleep can contribute to this. Here we discuss healthy amounts of sleep, how important it is, and provide strategies for if you are having trouble with it.

Fitness There is little doubt that fitness is a vital component of the game at the professional level, but how important is it in the youth game? What are the best ways to hide it in your practice? Is there a difference between improving it and maintaining it?

Games – A perfect pre-game routine would set you up to be operating at 100% physically and mentally at the kick-off. Here we discuss ways to get there as well as the importance of cool down and stretching routines afterwards.

Psychology – From Ronaldo to Robert Enke, psychology is taken extremely seriously in the professional game. In this section we look at confidence, pressure, fear, concentration, motivation, and other factors that can affect players and coaches.

Illness & injuries Soccer is a fast-moving, intense, contact sport. It can be played in all kinds of exciting weather conditions on fields that would have health and safety experts shuddering. Injuries and illnesses in players can occur at any time so it is important that you can recognize and respond to them.


Disclaimer – All information is provided for reference only, and neither Soccer Anywhere nor the authors will accept any liability whatsoever. Persons with medical conditions should consult their doctors before changing their diet or starting a fitness program. The advice given here is based on current medical science and recommendations from various soccer associations and medical teams.