In some parts of the world “Specialist magazines” is a dirty phrase, and not just because magazines are going the way of newspapers and DVD’s. Soccer still has some great ones that you would do well to subscribe to. Below we review some and give you the link to subscribe to them.

Four Four Two – is a mainstream soccer magazine from England. Its articles cover all of the top teams, with interviews from players and managers, opinion pieces and funny stories. These are the geniuses who predicted that the Rapids would be the worst MLS team in 2010. The performance section covers nutrition, injuries, technique another other useful coaching. It is available in the US for around $70 per year. Their website is here.

Soccer Journal (NSCAA) – Don’t be put off by the smiling pictures of old guys in suits on the cover. When you get past all the self-congratulatory articles about new NSCAA board members, this bi-monthly magazine provides a great deal of useful information for youth coaches. This includes lesson plans on random topics from high level coaches, psychology articles, ways to improve team fitness, new tactical approaches, and soccer news. The magazine also advertises all upcoming NSCAA residential coaching courses. If you have taken an NSCAA course, you can expect to receive a years worth of issues. Their website is here.

Success in Soccer (US Youth Soccer) – Perhaps the better of the two organizational magazines, this one has US Youth Soccer’s name on, but is really recycled from the German Soccer Federation, which is why the coaching material is so good. Success in Soccer includes lesson plans, psychology, medicine, fitness and professional news updates. What’s great about it is that their plans are also divided by age group, with at least one U6-10, one U12-14 and one U16-18 plan in each issue. They also have a website.

When Saturday Comes – is like no other magazine. Written by literate fans (mostly published authors) of English soccer teams, the magainze is a great way to learn about lower level teams and what is really happening in the world of soccer, beyond Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Each monthly issue also includes history articles and much better book reviews than the ones we have written. Although they do get a bit carried away with how unfair it all is for the poor lower level teams, they do cover interesting situations around Europe and beyond too. Their website is here.

Champions – The official UEFA Champions League Magazine is trying to be a much more specific version of 4-4-2, only dealing with the CL. There are interviews with players, historical games and players brought back, tactical analysis of past games, and usually a picture of Messi on the front cover. Their website is here.

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