Major Injuries

Our plan here is not to give too much information because if any of your players have any serious injuries you are not going to be able to treat them. Call in the authorities! The picture above shows a seriously broken leg. I remember watching the game live, wondering why all the other players were freaking out so much. Once you have assessed the situation and called in the professionals, your job will involve keeping the injured and non-injured players calm. Sign up for a sports first aid course to improve your ability to handle these situations. For head injuries we strongly recommend that every coach take the free online concussion course created by the CDC. In some states it is required by law to be completed every year.

Damage to bone, leading to cracking or more serious separation.
Initial and ongoing pain in area. Signs vary by location and severity.
Seek specialist medical help to have bone healed. Urgent Care or Emergency Room.
Bone is moved out of place and remains in new location (e.g. shoulder, knee, fingers etc).
Initial pain and visible irregularity (bone in the wrong place).
Seek specialist medical help to have bone put back into correct location. UC or ER.
Serious Tears
Ligaments, tendons or muscles becoming detached.
Sharp pain, immobility etc. Sometimes lumps and depressions in skin, but not always.
Seek specialist medical help. Surgery and recovery are likely options, depending on injury.

There are a lot of health centers that offer free x-rays and injury evaluation services to youth athletes. Partly this is a way to encourage business but for people without good health insurance this is a way to at least cover the cost of evaluation. Check with local orthopedic centers and hospitals.

As a general rule players should not return to practice or games following an injury, until they are cleared to do so by their doctor or other medical professional. When they do come back it is important that you follow any instructions for rehabilitation and reintroduction to exercise.

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