Off Season

In some states youth soccer has two seasons – on and off. Sometimes this is split into two distinct seasons and two breaks. At some levels now there is just one big never-ending season of leagues and tournaments. If your team does ever get time off, this section talks about what you can do with them, including indoor practices, fitness, and tournaments.

Indoor Arenas – Almost every town seems to have a former ice rink which is now (or could be) an indoor soccer field. Usually these are badly lit, with a musty smell that has been around since the 1970’s, but they are easier to play in than desert heat or three feet of snow. Off-Season or not? – The question is simple: can you have too much of a good thing? The answer is probably yes and no. Here we discuss the pro’s and con’s of taking time off or carrying on through the summer or winter breaks.
Meetings and Goals – The off-season is a great time to meet with players to see how they are feeling and to set goals. This section gives you some realistic and challenging ideas for goals to inspire your coaching and your team. Cross Training / Other Sports – It is amazing just how many professional athletes at one point in their life were also elite level at a different sport.  This section looks at the impact of playing other sports.