From Ronaldo to Robert Enke, psychology is taken extremely seriously in the professional game. No matter how good you are physically as a player, if you are not there mentally you will not be able to perform. Crippling pressure can overcome your confidence and motivation to play. Distractions in your private life and in the crowd can take your attention away from the game. In this section we outline some of the common problems and opportunities, and as usual, encourage you to learn more about them from books, courses, and other sources.

Confidence – Listen to any post-game interview and you will hear a coach saying “we just a win to get our confidence back.” Read here to find out why this belief is so wrong and bad for your team.

Pressure –  A good and bad thing about soccer is the pressure that players and coaches feel. Here we look at ways of coping with it and using it to increase our motivation to play.

Motivation – An important part of soccer is improving your game. Setting goals can help you achieve this and make you want to play harder. This section shows you how to do it.

Visualization – The mind is so powerful that we can train without actually having to be on the field. Here we look at ways to take control of your thoughts and use them to improve your game.

Concentration – With all the noise at games and in our heads it is hard to know what to concentrate on and what to shut out. This section looks at controling your attention and using it better throughout the game.

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