Television may have been invented in Scotland, but thankfully you can now get games from other leagues too. The following channels show soccer at various times: –

  • Fox Soccer Channel is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Sky in Europe – the company who own the rights to many of the top leagues. Fox shows weekly games from Argentina, Australia, England, Italy, Japan, and MLS. The channel also shows UEFA Champions League games and some World Cup games.
  • Fox Soccer Plus was set up when the Irish network Setanta folded in 2009. They show the “premium” games from around the various European leagues that they own, for an extra $15 per month fee. The channel is available on Dish Network and DirecTV.
  • ESPN2 broadcasts English Premiership games on Saturday mornings and Monday nights. They also have rights to 24 Spanish games, US World Cup Qualifiers, and various MLS games. The ESPN networks also show World Cup games. The bigger World Cup games are often shifted to their parent network ABC.
  • GOLTV is a Florida-based network showing games from around the world. It is available on DirecTV and Comcast. Currently they show weekly games from Spain, Germany, Italy, the UEFA Europa League, and various South American leagues. The channel aslo has weekly highlight shows from Spain (La Liga 360) and Germany (Hallo Bundesliga), which are usually worth watching, if you can get beyond the terrible dubbed commentary.

ESPN 3 shows games from a range of leagues (Russia, Portugal, Italy, Spain, England, MLS etc) and it is available free to anyone with Comcast Internet or select other internet providers.

YouTube has highlights for almost every game every played and any goal that you missed. If you can type in the right words, you can find what you are looking for, as long as you want to view it in 15 minute or less segments.

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