Playing the same five teams on the same fields all year round can get repetitive. Here we talk about how to apply for, travel to, and be at tournaments local to you and further afield.

Picking the Right Tournament – From January to December almost every weekend there are local and national tournaments going on somewhere. Here we try to help you decide which are the best for your team. Application Process – Registering can include online forms, payment, and negotiation with your state organization. When you show up there is a check-in process too. This section explains the steps that you should expect and who should be doing them.
Getting There – You could have a range of travel options to choose from. This page gives advice on team travel by road, airplane, and for those of you who still register by paper – horses and steamships. Hotel Rules – Are you staying together in the same hotel? Are players with their parents or chaperons? Are you a laid back or intense coach? Is this tournament about having fun or winning (or is it possible to do both)?
Eating, Sleeping and Health Playing two or more games in a day is wrong. It should never be done. Given that it is, here we talk about strategies to help your players recover, eat and drink in order to perform. Why Go? – Tournaments are expensive and far away. The fields are probably not as good as yours and when everyone in town has been made to referee, the decisions are often interesting at best. So why should you go?